To use our knowledge, experience and expertise to protect the client from uncertain conditions and situations encountered in a continually changing strategic environment

Indonesia, today and in the future, faces many challenges. Both the Government and private parties require strategic and accurate information which has been analyzed. This material helps people make the right decisions, in order to achieve the objectives of national development, and for the development of sustainable business and investment

HSC provides the solutions needed to answer those challenges

Core Values

HSC is committed to conducting its services in a manner that earns the trust and respect of our stakeholder

HSC Always strives to apply good governance and to respect anti-corruption regulations and to advice our clients to do the same

HSC is a private limited liability company domiciled in Indonesia. Its expert staff offers a comprehensive range of consulting services, including confidential research, corruption eradication programs, drug surveillance and eradication programs, risk management assessments and solutions, due diligence, and security auditing. It currently employs over 50 staff members with diverse specialized skills and competencies, most with over 30 years of operational experience in the government or corporate sector. With this solid team, and our proven network across the Indonesian archipelago, we are confident we can find the appropriate and sustainable solutions to the challenges our clients will face in the opening decades of the 21st Century

Why HSC?

  • HSC is the first service firm in Indonesia to provide Strategic Research which can bridge the need for specific information and knowledge. Information in specific fields (according to the client's request) which is accurate, valid, and comprehensive, is provided to Governments, individuals and investors planning to invest in Indonesia
  • HSC acts as Lawful Tasks Intermediary for Investors who plan to invest in Indonesia, to anticipate situations, conditions, or events which are undesirable for the Investor, as well as to avoid or eliminate investment-related risks in Indonesia

We Keep Thinking To Find Solutions For Our Clients

  • HSC is supported by tens of experts with special qualifications and competencies in specific fields, and who have different academic backgrounds. On average, they each have more than 30 years of operational experience.
  • The broad network of connections in all fields (whether at home or abroad)possessed by HSC's experts, and utilization of information technology, are a powerful means of helping Governments, individuals and Investors seek solutions to the problems they face
  • HSC exists as a Lawful Task Intermediary to provide solutions to the problems being faced by the client