What We Do

Strategic Research

HSC conducts Strategic Research, including Confidential Research, consisting of the collection, analysis and provision of accurate, valid, comprehensive, timely and valuable information which is used to aid the Client to make important decisions

This Strategic Research is carried out by HSC upon Client request

  • HSC has the required integrity, specific competencies and professional experience to carry out Strategic Research

Our Range of Strategic Research Services:

• Confidential Research
• Risk Assessment and Solutions
• Corruption Eradication Programs
• Security Auditing
• Legal Consulting
• Counter-Terrorism Consulting
• Anti Narcotic Consulting
• Drug Surveillance and Eradication Programs
• Tax & Custom Consulting
• Immigration Consulting
• Corporate Due Diligence
• Management Consulting
• ICT/Telecomunication Policy and Regulations

HSC Services by Sector

  • HSC also provides services to handle and resolve problems faced by Clients in the following sectors:
    • Oil & Gas
    • Power & Energy
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction & Engineering
    • ICT/Telecomunication
    • Government Services