Board of Directors



General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. AM. Hendropriyono, former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) of the Republic of Indonesia, is the founder of Hendropriyono Strategic Consulting (HSC), as well as its Chief Executive Officer. He became the world’s first Professor of Intelligence on May 7, 2014.

He has extensive experience in the military and government bureaucracy, and was the Indonesian Minister of Transmigration and Forest Encroachment Settlements, doubling as Minister of Manpower.


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Police Commissioner General (Ret.) Gories Mere, former Vice Chairman of the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit and former Head of the National Narcotics Body (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia, is also a founder of HSC, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

General Gories Mere was instrumental in Indonesia's counter-terrorism programs, plays a lead role in steering HSC as it expands business operations and offers customized services that maximize its unique staff and resources.

As President of the International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC) from 2011-2012, he supervised law enforcement personnel in the field of narcotics in 96 countries. He has broad experience in handling various types of international crime (transnational & extraordinary), such as counter-terrorism, narcotics, money laundering and human trafficking.



DEPUTY COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Police Inspector General (Ret.) Dr. Benny J. Mamoto, former Deputy of Drug Eradication at the National Narcotics Body (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia, has a doctorate in Criminal Intelligence, and is also a founder of HSC. He holds the position of Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO).
He has extensive experience in the fields of general criminal investigation, economics, banking, INTERPOL, counter-terrorism, narcotics enforcement, and money laundering prevention.


VP Business Development

Anton Sugiono is a businessman in the field of engineering, infrastructure and renewable energy.

He is also an HSC founder, and holds the position of Vice President of Business Development.

He has broad experience in the field of business strategy and business development, and has a wide international business network in the fields of energy, infrastructure and construction


VP International Cooperation

Yappi Manafe, former Deputy of Prevention at the National Narcotics Board (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia, is also a founder of HSC, holding the position of Vice President of External Relations

He has extensive experience in the drafting of Government policy and strategy in the field of Tourism, Postal Service, Telecommunications and Narcotics. He held the position of Director of Tourism Promotion in IBRA, as the Head of the Planning Bureau, and was the Head of the Legal Affairs and Foreign Cooperation Bureau at the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

Over his 30-year professional career, Manafe has represented the Government of Indonesia during negotiations with numerous international organizations and aid agencies. His specialty has been in enhancing private sector involvement in infrastructural projects across Indonesia.



Soernarso Soemodiwirjo is an accountant, a graduate of the Finance Institute of the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta 1974.

A lecturer at STAN, the Accounting Academy at STIE Trisakti, and Dharma Persada University in Jakarta.

A consultant, commissioner, and Audit Committee member at companies such as PT. Sucofindo, PT. Danareksa, PT. Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring Tbk, PT. Bakrieland Development, and PT. ELNUSA Tbk

Mr. Soenarso has over 40 years of accounting experience, sitting on audit and financial committees at many private companies and banks, and has been a lecturer for more than 30 years at several private universities.