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Hendropriyono Strategic Consulting
We Are
The Absolute Best
We help Government and Private Sector Clients accelerate market entry and generate new advancement
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The Secret To Getting Ahead Is
Getting Started
We work closely with you to expand your business, approaching every project with a unique combination of strategy, imagination and pragmatism
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Every Thought
We Think Is
Creating Our Future
We find the appropriate and sustainable solutions to the challenges our clients will face in the opening decades of the 21st Century
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Move Forward
Because Action
Initiates Momentum
We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services including confidential research, corruption eradication programs and drug surveillance
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Positive People
Push You
Towards Greatness
We currently employ over 50 in-house and network associates with diverse specialized skills and competencies, most with over 30 years of operational experience in the government or corporate sector
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Partner With Us
Build An Empire
Our wide area network enables us to quickly identify the right markets, the ideal customers and the correct contacts to help our clients build new relationships quickly and effectively